Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gray Sewaholic Lonsdale

My first Sewaholic pattern!
I really like the style of this dress but it is a little tricky to get into and out of alone. This gray version was sort of intended to be a wearable muslin in that I would wear it if it looked ok. My plan was to finish it and then add a bicycle theme by either embroidering bicycles on it or block printing or painting a cog onto it (the one you see in the picture...). My grand plan was to wear it to the Bicycle Coalition "Members Only" party. And I did. But. As is often the case, I was racing to finish it as the party was starting. So, I just tied the cog into the center knot. And it looks just fine there!

the finished product
Since I ran out of time, I added 1" wide binding to the hem (instead of actually hemming, which would've taken too long).

the back + wrinkles!
The back has wrinkles, I will do some amending back there next time. In this picture it sort of looks like it's too tight under the arms, which i suppose could also cause the dress to scrunch down toward my waste and be wrinkly, but do have other evidence that the problem actually caused by it being too loose.

Details: I made it in a size 12, which was too large in the bust. Because I didn't want to take the whole thing apart (the bodice is lined and I had already put in the waistbands), I undid the side seams enough to pull in about 1/2 inch on both sides and graded out to the existing seam close to the waste. I think making a size 10 bodice graded to a 12 waist will be adequate for future projects, as the size 10 will fit better in the bust and will be slightly shorter in the bodice.
The Final Product, in the photo booth
Side craft:
I traced and then made a linoleum block design from the cog. I only have water based inks at home so this bleeds terribly in the wash, but it looks good. I'll use it for other crafts I'm sure.
A test run

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