Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Garden Shirt

I finally finished Pancho's garden shirt! I only have this one picture of it because I was so excited to take it to him to wear while he worked in the yard.

The history of the shirt goes like this...
He picked out the fabric in October 2011 when we went to Britex while on a visit to San Francisco. I had never made a man's shirt before and I didn't have a pattern at the time, but I did eventually find the Negroni by Colette Patterns and that is the pattern this is modeled on. Before making it in the Britex fabric, I did a test run using a grey cotton. Here is that version (I have a lot more pictures of it because I was so amazed at how awesome it was):
It has flat felled seams!
I like this little loop detail
And this is us, on our way to our friends' wedding
I made the grey version in a size small, but in the length of the medium. It has a narrow fit on him, which I like, but he didn't want that in the garden shirt, since it's purpose is to wear while working! So I straightened out the side seams and added a little width around the lowest part of the shirt. You can almost see what I mean here:
I also removed the scallops and put fewer buttons on the front (he didn't like how high the top button was on the grey version). 
This was my first Colette pattern and I loved it. The instructions were beautiful and easy to follow, even that crazy picture of how you're supposed to turn the shirt out around the yoke! It seemed impossible, but made perfect sense when followed.

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  1. I am most thankful for your interest in sewing!