Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Birthday Dress

Birthday Torture, really.
This was a "fairly simple" remake of the Cambie, which I absolutely love. As far as sizing goes, I made it a straight 10 this time, since last time I ended up taking up the difference where I graded it to a size 12. This worked pretty well. This didn't take care of the issue of the bodice being too long or that the bust was a little big, but that is an easy fix by adjusting the front sleeves into the bodice. (maybe next time I'll try an 8 in the bust? Or try shortening it?)
The smile doesn't capture the torture very well
The torture was actually associated with the fabric. I love how the fabric looks. love love love it. It's some kind of woven natural fiber. Maybe wool. I bought it at Betty's, it was on clearance so it doesn't have any real info on it. I got it several months ago and all along I knew I wanted to make the Cambie with it, but it took me awhile to get up the nerve. See, I pretty much only ever sew with cotton. Predictable, predictable cotton. Oh how much easier it probably is to match plaids with cotton.
Anyway. I did it. I only had to re-cut the front bodice, one side of the back bodice, a pocket (twice) and one sleeve front. Thank goodness I bought a ton of the fabric.
I'd like to take the full blame on this being an epic struggle, but I'm going to have to hold the fabric itself partially accountable. It really didn't resemble 90 degree angles. As much as I tugged on it, I really couldn't get it to behave. But, you know what? It's done. I'm not looking back. Plus I got to watch hours and hours and hours of Charmed on Netflix (don't judge me. or do. whatever.).
The idea here is that I wanted to make a nice Fall dress for myself to wear on my birthday. Which is at the end of September. THE FALL. But San Luis Obispo doesn't understand what Fall means and insists on being 91 degrees. I don't care. I'm wore it anyway. It's about 65 degrees in my office anyway. And the evenings are cool enough.
It doesn't line up? I'm kinda over it
Oh! also, my sister sent me a fantastic king size 100% pima cotton sheet. You know what feels really nice on skin? Sheets! I lined this dress with it.

boob shot!
In my mind, I was going to make this dress without the sweetheart neckline, but I'm glad I made it the way I did. I think the darts+neckline make a really nice shape.

This is now my favorite work dress and I think I wear it once a week, so I guess it was worth the torture.

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